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 Volunteering is hard work, and Laos is a very different part of the world. We are looking for highly independent individuals who are searching to join our mission and make a difference. Please do not volunteer with us if you are looking for an exotic vacation.

Volunteering with us is an experience you will never forget. Living like a local in the jungle, using your skills to help others and experiencing the depths of a hidden cultural gem in Asia is worth every struggle along the way, in our opinion. But we want to let you know that it is not a walk in the park.

"We are bringing volunteering away from “voluntourism” and back to the root: bringing those who can do more into our organization to contribute with no other payment than the joy of helping out.

Not because volunteers are worthless, but because you are priceless."


Volunteer Manager

Mari Abrahamsen

Get in touch with Mari to learn more about how you can volunteer with us in the jungle of Laos

Volunteer as a 


Volunteer as a teacher to join us in the Learning Lab where 150 students are given the tools they need to create the future they deserve in daily evening classes. 

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Living in Aay’s Village is relaxing and focused on the simple living. We offer a comfortable environment where you shape your own day. Your timetable depends on the work you do. Weekdays before lunch is usually slow, and evening very hectic. Weekends are free to enjoy as you like and we often go on picnics, jungle trekking, swimming in the river or lake, or other fun jungle activities. 

Our local house is very very very very very simple. Very. But all jokes aside: The toilet is basically a hole in the ground and the shower a water hose. The meals are local food, and animals roam around our house. But we love it, and we hope you do too. Nothing beats taking away all the unnecessary luxury we usually surround ourselves with, and take a couple of steps closer to mother nature. 

You can volunteer with us whether you are on a holiday, a gap year, on a career break, if you are a senior and retired, if you want an internship abroad or if you just want to travel and experience a place off the maps with your friends or family! 


As a volunteer in Aay's Village, you can teach at our local school, help the community administrate future plans for the village, or protect the untouched jungle of Laos as an environmentalist.


Why don't you shape your own volunteer experience by choosing your own contribution? Send us an email and we can go through everything and plan something you're comfortable with that will help Aay's Village mission.


 Do you crave to use your personal skills to help others? 

We believe in local workforce from a developmental standpoint, but we recognize that volunteers bring an incredible opportunity for the community to learn valuable skills like English and IT. Once these skills are passed on to a child in the village, it can bring thousands of opportunities for the future. It is also important to emphasize that Aay’s Village is a non-profit hope for the future. All profit, whether it’s money, knowledge or support is given to the villagers and no one else. The international administration behind Aay’s Village receive no salary what so ever – we are volunteers, just like you!

Aay's Village is a non-profit organization, which means that all income and donations go 100 % directly to the local community in Laos and to cover volunteer expenses like wifi and food. 

Costs: 100 EUROS per week

This includes a bed, unlimited wifi and two warm meals per day. From 1st of September 2018 we lowered our volunteer costs further because we have more volunteers joining us now (which means more people split the costs of renting our volunteer accommodation, wifi, water and electricity bill! Note that we charge €100 per week started.

Please note that we do not pay for airfare, transport to and from Aay’s Village, visa, travel medical insurance or visa.

Important Notice: We require that you have travel medical-insurance, including emergency evacuation throughout your placement.


Citizens of most countries can receive a 30-day tourist visa in advance from a Laotian embassy or consulate. The cost typically ranges from $50 to $150. Alternatively, a tourist visa can be obtained upon arrival at the Vientiane airport. The cost is approximately $35. 

We can write you a visa information letter upon request, but you are in charge of getting your Lao visa.


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