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Discover a mystique, genuine and wild side of the earth with deep jungles and majestic mountains...

Years of civil unrest left the country isolated from the world, but Laos opened its doors to the public eye in 1989. With Thailand and Vietnam on each side of the country, you expect Laos to be commercial and crowded by tourists and sales people. However, Laos is not yet touched by the modern stressful way of life and offers a laidback atmosphere between majestic mountains, perky rivers and deep and breathing jungles. People are relaxed, friendly and respectful, and they often live in simple yet astonishing villages where animals of all kinds are free to wander in the simple streets, in the endless fields or in the deep jungle.

General Facts

  • Population: 6.8 millions
  • Capital: Vientiane
  • Currency: KIP
  • Time zone: ICT
  • Drives on the left

"The laidback atmosphere and the relative lack of modern development make Laos perhaps the most authentic and unspoiled of the Southeast Asian nations"

Adventure time in Aay's Village

Tourists are also welcome to visit just to breath the fresh air and discover the beautiful village from time to time. Tourists will not be able to teach the children as we believe the children deserve to get to know their teachers in order to receive quality education in a safe environment.
Please be a concious traveler by keeping your environmental footprint at its lowest by not discarding trash or pollute the nature in Laos in any way.
Here are some travel guides that we recommend reading through when planning your trip to get the most out of the beautiful country of Laos:

Travel Guides

What to do

  • Explore caves and blue lagoons
  • Shower in waterfalls
  • Kayak the curvy river
  • Zip-line through the jungle
  • Go jungle-trekking with a local guide
  • Enjoy a cold beer on the riverbank
  • Climb the steep mountains
  • Work in the rice fields for a day
  • Explore Laos from from a hot air balloon
"Landlocked Laos is one of Asia's most enchanting destinations. Stunning natural beauty - think mist-shrouded mountain peaks flanked by jungle-clad valleys teeming with wildlife combined with a fascinating Buddhist culture to make Laos a superb destination for backpackers and independent travellers, while luxury tourists are now also well-catered for" - from


Laos enjoys a tropical climate with two distinct seasons. The "rainy" season is from the beginning of May to the end of September, and the dry season is from October through April. When we say rainy, we mean that it might rain a couple of minutes 2-3 times a week. Nothing to put off your traveling plans for, so to say. The yearly average temperature is about 28 degrees Celsius, rising to a maximum of 38 degrees Celsius during April and May. The climate is hot and humid, so we recommend packing light clothes and if possible, opting for air-conditioned rooms for the night or a really really good fan. 

Culture & Food

Laos is a country with many different people and cultures. Since Phamai is many villages' put together, all different groups are represented, and once a year one of the groups arrange a traditional party that everyone put in money for and participate in. This is a beautiful way of respecting and appreciating each other’s cultures, traditions and differences. The official languages in Laos is Lao, a tonal language which sounds a bit similar to Thai. It also shares the Thai script. Most Lao people in the rural areas live in traditional houses built of wood and raised off the ground on stilts. The food in Laos is similar to the northeastern part of Thailand, it's a lot of fresh water fish, pork, chicken and duck. If you want to read more about the food:


Even though Laos is a country filled with smiling, helping people, it does have a very dark history that still markes some people's lives. Being a part of a war they had nothing to do with left the country with bad scars and countless tragic faiths. By the end of Vietnam war, Laos was the most bombed country per capita in the history of warfare. The U.S dropped over two million bombs over Laos on their way back from Vietnam. There are a few museums worth visiting in Vientiane if you're interested to know more about the history.
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