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Even though you have some work to do as a volunteer in Phamai, there will be plenty of time to adventure around the village and discover as much as you want of the majestic mountains, deep jungles and simple living of the villagers.

In Phamai, we usually get up when the roosters are getting too loud and get in bed when it's been dark for a couple of hours. This is the simple living of a village that has not yet been touched by the modern hastily pace: the nature rules. This also means that the life in the village is simple in other ways too. It's amazing to see how the kids in the village entertain themselves with plants and animals, using a round fruit as a tennis ball and their slippers as rackets. This mentality is something we gradually adapt to when arriving in the village, and although there are plenty of things to do if you want to experience as much as possible, most people experience that just joining the simple life of the village, teaching the children or helping out in another way at the project and making new friends are more than enough.

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A video from a Lao style picnic by the river!

  • Learn about the Asian cuisine! 

  • Boat trip on the lake

  • Work in the rice fields to experience the daily Lao life

  • Weekend trips to nearby villages and towns

  • Shower in a waterfall

  • Jungle trekking 

  • Explore caves 

  • Jungle trekking to the lagoon 

  • Scootertrips

  • Help out in the garden 


Apply to volunteer with us today for an incredible experience in the jungle of Laos. 


Do you have any questions or tips for us? Feel free to contact us at any time, and we will answer within 48 hours. 

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