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The children of Laos deserve the possibility to create

a better future for themselves

The Learning Lab is an interactive "learning by doing" system where the student educate themselves by roaming through pedagogic apps on a digital tablet.


Instead of serving subjects as one absolute truth, we promote discussion and critical thinking. We never put forward definite opinions, but rather guide and ask questions to help the children reflect on their own perceptions. 


We will not only encourage discussions of values and awareness with the children, but also promote dialogue concerning these topics with other teachers and with the community around our organization. We want to be a place advocating peace and equality through open reflection and discussion.

We want the children to learn by doing, appreciate reflection and think critically, which is not the typical learning style in Asia. Valuable education is given to children from around 8-16 years old and their local teachers. The education is based on the child's’ personal level, and our focus is always on quality, rather than of quantity. We emphasize the importance of following up their individual learning frequency.


IT is important in order to close the digital gap between the rich and the poor and it is a great tool for self-help and further education for the villagers.


Tourism provides Lao people with a possibility to step into a better future. English language understanding can help them in setting up new tourist businesses. 


We share information on gender equality, sustainability, environment, health, racism, the UN Convention of Children Rights and human rights in general.


Volunteers visit us to give the students a better understanding of the international environment, in addition to bridging people across various cultures. 

How it all started

Our founder, Aay Sinthala, grew up in an native tribe in the jungle of Laos. In 2009, as one of 17 tribes, Aay Shintala’s tribe was forced to move and start a new life when his home was created into a dam for producing electricity. 


In the new village, they were given no land, and therefore, they had no possibilities to pursue their old life as hunters- gatherers who lived off the land. The village managed with scarce possibilities to build a community for themselves, and now we are working together to take them even further into a sustainable future.

Our educational mission is to give the children of Phonsavath the possibility to create better opportunities by offering them quality education.


The Learning Lab is an interactive "learning by doing" program where the students acquire basic English and IT skills through using pedagogic apps. We also initiate educational discussions. Instead of serving subjects as one absolute truth, we encourage discussions and critical thinking around central topics such as equality and sustainability.​

We welcome volunteers to join us in Laos as teachers to help our local team provide our students with the tools they need to create the future they deserve. 

Get in touch with us today to learn how you can be a part of our mission for the children in Laos!

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