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An organization in the jungle of Laos

Welcome to Phamai,  an environmental- and knowledge-based organization, that provides children in the jungle of Laos with the tools they need to create the future they deserve. 


Our mission is to collaborate with local actors in Laos to create a sustainable development in the village. Phamai provides educational programs and preserves the nature through our Clean the Jungle program.


We hope you want to join us on our way, maybe as a volunteer?

Join us in the jungle!

Join us if you want to help us on the way towards our mission to help a local community in Laos, either through education, administration or cleaning up the jungle. We need more people on our team, both locally and internationally, both long and short term - so please do not hesitate to let us know if you’re eager to help!

The Learning Lab

Our educational mission is to give underprivileged communities in Laos the possibility to create better opportunities for its children by offering a quality education based on local needs, and that this leads to a satisfactory future in terms of possibilities and resources.




Our sustainability mission is to communicate the importance of preserving the Lao nature, and initiate sustainable projects which can reduce harmful ecological processes and clean up the jungle.

Our volunteer program suits everyone from all walks of life as long as you are independent and eager to explore another part of the world.

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