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Riverside Chill

Time: 3-4 hours

Price: 80.000 KIP for volunteers, 120.000 KIP for visitors

After a day in the heat, the best thing to do is to lay down on a bamboo fleet on the river. Enjoy a cold beerlao, which is the local beer, and go for a swim in fresh temperature water. It is possible to rent a tube to take you down the river. If you like super spicy food with emphasize on super, get a papaya salad and have a dance to the local Lao rhythms playing from a stage in the middle of the jungle.

“This is a real life jungle book look-a-like, from when you walk over the fairytale-like bridge to when floating down the river in a tube amongst the most beautiful scenery!”

                                                                         -     Astrid, Volunteer

“The riverside is sooo so fun; the music is loud, the people are relaxed and the river is the perfect way to cool down. We usually bring some coconuts and some fruit and chill for a couple of hours on a bamboo floating in the river. I have never been there to actually have a little party, but I cannot imagine a better venue for a full moon party!”

                                                      - Åshild, Manager at Phamai

Hike the jungle

Price: 60.000 KIP for volunteers. 100.000 KIP for visitors.

Time: 2 hours

If you like hikes out of the ordinary with unpaved roads and messy jungle surroundings, this is for you! Our local guide will take you to the top where a gorgeous view over the village is waiting for you. There is also a surprise waiting for you when you get down, but you have to wait until you get there before we reveal what it is!

“Imagine the vines, the spikey jungle rocks and the green messy nature from the movie Tarzan, and there you have it!”

                                                                             - Astrid, Volunteer

"It is a short but steep hike through rocky mountains and deep jungle. The view from the top is absolutely amazing. Bring loads of water!" 

                                                  - Åshild, Manager of Phamai

Boat trip with Phet

Time: Full day

Price for volunteers:

1-2 people: 200.000 KIP each.

3-4 people: 100.00 KIP each*.


Price for visitors:

1-2 people: 250.000 KIP each.

3-4 people: 150 KIP each*

The lake is actually a hydro-park for producing electricity, and as a consequence, this does not look like an ordinary lake. Old trees still stand around in the shallow water, and creates a magnificent scenery. You just have to experience with your own eyes, and this activity is highly recommended by all our team members as a “must do”. The trip takes around 30 minutes by motorbike, and then you change to a small local boat, which takes you deeper and deeper into the raw Lao jungle. You can stop wherever you want, but Phet knows of a good place for fishing and barbecuing. Enjoy the day, eat local food, dance with the locals and just enjoy! You can extend your trip and sleep in the jungle, if the weather allows it.

This eco-attraction was set up by Jens, one of our first volunteers in 2017. Phet is a local teacher who wanted to show our volunteers the lake and the Lao traditions. Jens started a fundraiser and bought Phet a boat, and now he has his very own eco-attraction.

I" always make sure to plan a trip to the lake with Phet whilst I am in Aay's Village. It is such a nice break from work, and the lake is magical. I love the simple fish bbq and the scenery. I also enjoy dancing with the locals and listening to Lao music!"

                                               - Åshild, Manager at Phamai

Buddhist Cave

Time: 2 hours

Price: 60.000 KIP for volunteers. 100.000 KIP for visitors.

Start the day with an exciting trip to a Buddhist cave in the jungle. We recommend going on a weekday where there are usually no people there at that time. Outside the cave is a beautiful restaurant where you can relax with a drink next to the river. The cave is full of natural wonders. We recommend a meditation session in the deepest corner of the cave for a true Buddhist experience.

“Imagine having a jungle cave all to yourself! With no other people in sight we walked through a dark cave with beautiful traits such as glittery stone and super cool rock formations. It will only take you 5 minutes to climb the stairs and reach the most stunning view from the cave entrance”

                                                                             - Astrid, Volunteer

Lao Cooking with Noiy

Price: 80.000 KIP (+ pay for the food) for volunteers. 120.000 KIP (+ pay for the food) for visitors.

Our lovely chef Noiy will take you to the local market to buy the food you need to cook a traditional Lao meal.

"Noiy is one of our students, but she does not speak much English yet. However, I find myself communicating with her all the time, we just get each other and I think it is such a nice experience to cook together 

                                                  - Åshild, Manager of Phamai

Jungle Camping

Time: 1-2 days

Price for volunteers: 

1-2 people: 270.000 KIP per day

3-4 people: 150.000 KIP per day

Price for visitors:

1-2 people: 320.000 KIP per day

3-4 people: 200.000 KIP each per day

Our local guides will take you on an exciting journey through the jungle, set up camp and sleep underneath the stars. Sleeping in the jungle is a dangerous experience, and the jungle can be a rough place.  However, if you like adventure and an experience out of the ordinary this is for you. The jungle is wild, and only some local hunters have walked these paths before you. This is an opportunity to experience something truly raw.

“Making a barbeque, singing with the locals, star gazing during the night and waking up to the sound of the jungle. Yes, it is risky, but isn’t that a part of the whole experience?”

                                                   - Åshild, Manager of Phamai

Riverside BBQ

Time: 5 h

Price: 140.000 KIP for volunteers, 200.000 KIP for visitors

Picnic at the river, what more can you dream of? This is a  20 min drive upstream from our village. It is a quiet section of the river where we fish, barbeque, relax and swim. The local guides can show you how to fish if you want, and you prepare the meal together. Depending on the season you can always find some spices and lettuce around in the jungle. Join the local guide and roam the jungle whilst learning a lot about finding food in nature.

A note: Freshwater (lakes, rivers) harbor parasites, bacteria, disease, in addition to the hazard of drowning, and we in Aay’s Village cannot guarantee your safety if you decide to take a dip or swim. If you do, it will be 100 % on your own responsibility.

Other activities

  • Visit the local temple

  • Hike to the waterfall

  • Vang Vieng Guided Tour

  • Luang Prabang Guided Tour

Ask our team for more information

Book through the chat or send us an email to:

Guiding Principles

  • Do not throw any waste in the jungle. Keep it and bring it with you back home where you can recycle it in our Ecobricks house

  • Listen to the local guides. They grew up here, you did not

  • Know that you are 100 % responsible for your own safety. We at Aay's Village take no responsibility for your safety. Make sure you do not take any risks that could harm you. You will be a long way from any medical institution so you need to stay safe at all times.

  • Do not unnecessarily break any branches or harm the nature in any way.

  • Freshwater (lakes, rivers) harbor parasites, bacteria, disease, in addition to the hazard of drowning, and we in Aay’s Village cannot guarantee your safety if you decide to take a dip or swim. If you do, it will be 100 % on your own responsibility.

Good luck, enjoy & have fun!

- Phamai Team

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