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Firstly, get to Vientiane (the capitol of Laos) if you are coming by train or plane. If you are coming from the north, get to Vang Vieng and the travel options are the same as from Vientiane. When you arrive in Vientiane, you have 3 possibilities to get to Aay's Village, which takes approximately 2.5-3.5 hours:

1. Take a local bus: 45k KIP one way

2. Arrange pick up by us: 600k KIP one way

3. Arrange your own transport


  • Go to the morning market in Vientiane. This is a busy place with many sales people and different buses. 

  • Take the bus from the morning market to the North bus station. This costs 5000 KIP and takes 20-30 minutes. Pay for your ticket when you arrive at the bus station. 

  • The north bus station is easy to spot, it's an actual bus station! A big yellow building. Walk on the right side of the building, and you'll find the van to Aay's Village on the corner. This bus leaves usually when its full. Lao people are not worried about time as the rest of us, so be prepared to wait some time until all the seats in the van are bought. Pay for your ticket when you arrive in the village. This takes 2-3 hours depending on traffic and weather. First you drive through streets of simple shops, then over a mountain and then, we are off the main road and onto red dirt roads in the jungle, passing perky rivers and pineapple plantations. Suddenly, you'll see our sign in a conjunction, but don't be alarmed if the van takes you to the left instead of the right - it's just dropping people of that way as well. Soon you'll see our sign again, and in ten minutes or so, you will either see our project house, or one of us standing on the bus station with a sign for you. 


Arranged Pick-Up

Price one way: 600.000 KIP

Time: 2-3 hours

This alternative is probably the most comfortable: just let us know where you are in Vientiane or Vang Vieng or anywhere in between and we will pick you up and drive you to our project house! 

Arrange Own Transport

Some important things to bear in mind: 

  • Not everyone in Laos have a license, and the roads can therefore be a bit hard to understand. If you are a Laos-rookie, we suggest to let someone local (and licensed) drive you.

  • Wear a helmet and full body coverage. A helmet with a windshield (not for the wind, but for the bugs) is also highly recommended. 


We cannot recommend a hiring company but there are plenty businesses in Vientiane who can rent you a vehicle. 

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