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  • Over 18 years old

  • Good written and oral English 

  • Independent and responsible

  • Open-minded and flexible 

  • Contributive and up for a challenge! 

  • A good mood is also highly sought out for!

Although we wish to welcome all, we do have some specific requirements for you who would like to join us:

Aay's Village - a non-profit in the jungle of Laos

Living in Aay’s Village is relaxing and focused on the simple living, and we offer a comfortable environment where you shape your own day. Your timetable depends on the work you do. As a teacher, you can teach at the school at day, and our students are taught in our house from around 3 -8 pm. Weekends are free to enjoy as you like and we often go on picnics, jungle trekking, swimming in the river or lake, or other fun jungle activties. You could also travel Laos in the weekends, if you want to see as much as possible of this beautiful country. 

Watch this "Tour of our jungle home" video!

A Typical Day

07.30: Wakiewakie!

08:00-09:00: Breakfast

09:00-09.30: Meeting and preparation for the day

09:30-13:00: Start your day either as a teacher, administrator or environmentalist

13:00-14:00: Lunchtime!

14:00-19:00 A bit more work

19:00: Dinner and socializing

22:30: Lights out.

Your Home

A home is not merely a roof above your head – it’s a place to feel safe and comfortable and that is the aim for our project house.

The village was created by the government to house the mountain tribes and therefore, every single house in the village look exactly the same. But, ours is one of the few painted ones (lucky us!). The house has two main bedrooms, which are quite nice compared to the normal village standard in Laos, and a room with bunk beds if we get a big lot of you visiting at the same time. We have fans, bedding, sheets and mosquito net, but please bring whatever you may want – there is plenty of space. Two simple bathrooms are installed, and let us emphasize simple; we don't want you to imagine a gold toilet and a rainforest shower when it's not.

The kitchen is spacious and will bring you some local and international food with focus on vegetarian food with the option to add meat. You will find a small kiosk with necessities like drinks, snacks, toiletries, antibac and so on at the end of our street. A neighbor is in possession of a washing machine and will wash 1 kg clothing for 10k kip. The living room functions as a, well, living room, but this is also where some lectures with the student takes place. OUr volunteers usually relax on the second floor, on the terrace or in our big backyard. We hope to soon build a small terrace in the garden as well for those late evenings with good food and good friends. So, to conclude; the standard is very simple, probably simpler than you have ever come across. 

When we started welcoming volunteers to our jungle home, we were quite nervous about welcoming people to our simple home. To our surprise, we have not received one complaint yet. This just goes to show that our volunteers are coming to Aay's Village to help us with our mission for the children, and do not expect a hotel experience. 


Our home is clean and spacy and we figured that if it's more than good enough for us and our previous volunteers, then we hope you don't mind either. When we get a donation, we always try to make small changes to renovate our house, both for the children and our volunteers. It's a process and we welcome any suggestions for improvement!

Volunteer Food

The Lao cuisine is unique and delicious, and we usually serve the seasonal dishes. However, you can talk to Aay and plan your meals if you have any specific preferences. Do not hesitate to ask for something you crave!

We will serve you breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. 

aaysvillage aays village


08:00-09:00. Coffee, tea, cereal, eggs and beans, toast with jam, honey or peanut butter. 


Around 13:00-14:00. A main dish from the menu. We will inform you the day before on what’s for lunch the next day!


19:00. A main dish from the menu. We will inform you the day before on what’s for dinner the next day! Feel free to buy a couple of beers and relax and socialize with volunteers and locals from 18:00 and the rest of the evening.

What you should bring

  • Light clothes 

  • A backpack

  • Swimming gear

  • A secure wallet

  • Sunscreen

  • Sunglasses

  • Flip-flops

  • First-aid kit

  • Mosquito spray

  • Visa

  • A smile 

  • An open mind 

  • Your passport

aaysvillage aays village

Bring some money, although we do provide you with the basics you might want a snack or two. There's an ATM a 10 minutes drive away so don't worry, but we recommend at least 300 000 kip per week.


Apply to volunteer with us today for an incredible experience in the jungle of Laos. 


Do you have any questions or tips for us? Feel free to contact us at any time, and we will answer within 48 hours. 

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