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A day in Aay’s Village - by Mariana (volunteer)

A day in Aay’s is always full of good energy, because all the Lao people here and the kids are full of it.

We wake up around 9 o’clock in the morning, and we have a simple breakfast; delicious fruits that we buy from the market across the street. During the morning we plan the classes with our mentor, which is Tar. He teaches English with us, since he can speak English and Lao very well. We plan the classes according to the three levels that we have, and sometimes we also correct the exercises that we gave to students on the day before. The first level is for the smallest kids, until 10 years old more or less. The second level is for the kids around 12 years old and 14 years old. And the third level is integrated by the oldest kids until 18 years old, which is really challenging since they already know a reasonable level of English. In each level, besides the age, they are divided also by level of English.

Around midday we have lunch; the amazing food that Aay’s sister cook every day for us.

And after lunch we normally go to the market to print exercises or to buy other things. After that, we can take a rest at house, for example read a book for some while.

Around 3 o’clock the smallest kids start to appear at house, and we normally play with them some games, like memory cards and volleyball.

One thing that is completely fascinating is, when Tar open the door to the classroom, all the children stop everything they are doing and just run to the classroom as fast as they can.

They really have a huge willingness to learn!

We finish the day around 20.30 p.m and we always have an amazing local dinner already cooked for us.

Of course all the days have a routine, like everywhere else, but every day we can learn, teach and laugh at different things, because these kids are wonderful, and as I said is amazing how they pass on all the good energy to us.

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