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Hi everyone. The other day I had a conversation with Aay and I made a short little interview for you with some questions about him and his project.

Aay Sinthala

  1. Sbai dee, Aay! Can you introduce yourself? Who are you and how old are you? - Sbai dee! My name is Kham Aay Sinthala, you can call me Aay. I will be 24 years old in november.

  2. Where do you live and what are you doing? - I am the founder of Aay’s Village and I live in our project house in Phonsawart village for teaching and work.

  3. Can you tell us what happened to your village? Why did you move and what happened? - In 2009 17 villages had to move from our old village where we were born, including my family had to move to the new village. The reason was that our government build the dam to export the electric to other countries.

  4. Why did you want to start Aay’s Village? - The main reason that I started Aay’s Village was because I wanted to help people in my community by providing the education English and IT because most people are very poor so I wanted to help them, if they know how to speak English or know how to use the computer so that can help them to find better jobs

  5. What are you daily tasks? - I’m teaching from Monday to Friday. I started to teach from 4:30 to 8:00 in the evening and there are 3 different classes and in the afternoon I teach at the hospital as well.

  6. How has Aay’s Village supported your village so far? - Aay’s Village has supported the opportunities for the children to learn English and IT and also promoting the village when we have volunteers come to our project house.

  7. Have the kids you teach improved their English since the start of the project? - Since we started Aay’s Village the kids have improved a lot if we compare with before and they not just only improved their English but they have more confidence to talk with foreign people. Like before if foreign people come they just run away but now they want to talk with you.

  8. What does the village think about the project? - Of course the first when we started many people they wanted to know about us and what will we do in the village because they wanted to understand. I explained, told them about our project goal, now they known and they are proud that we start this project in the village and many people sent their kids come to study.

  9. How do you think the future of Aay’s Village will be? - In the future Aay’s Village will not help just only children we will try to help people in the community to improve and develop this community to be better.

  10. Last but not least, do you have any tips for tourists/volunteers travelling to Laos? Share some tips on what to see and do while in Asia. - We have many beautiful places because in our village in near to the jungle, very green nature. And Aay’s Village has many activities for volunteers or tourists to do if they are coming to Aay’s Village.

Thank you for your time Aay!

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