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The Kavli Trust has contributed funding to help establish our organisation and the learning lab for  our children in Phamai. Support from the trust made it possible, for example, to buy in tablets and educational apps for the centre, which provides daily lessons for 120 children.

A valuable donation

Kavlifondet, who donated our digital learning system at the very beginning of Aay’s Village (now Phamai) in 2016, have again granted our organization a substantial donation for 2017. We are so humble and grateful for the support and trust. This donation sends us the message that our organization and our vision for Laos have built up a good reputation through hard and dedicated work. 

This donation will give us the possibility to hire one extra local teacher in Laos, which we are so so happy about. We will also start a scholarship program for our best students. We are also securing a salary for our dear Aay for another year. In addition, we would like to improve the Learning Lab with some extra resources, and update the security system in our house. More information to come!

The application process included a comprehensive report to Kavlifondet, and this gave us a good chance to really reflect upon our work and progress so far. We strive to be transparent, and we included areas of improvement that we will try to work on for this next year of working in Laos.

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