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Aay's Village is hiring! Accountant & Fundraiser Volunteer

Aay’s Village is hiring an Accountant & Fundraiser for our international team of volunteers! This is an excellent opportunity for you who want to contribute to our mission in Laos.

You can be located anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer. You’ll be working weekly in a team of 6 international team members from all over Europe who volunteer for the local team consisting of 4 paid team members in Laos. We work on a basis of at least 5-10 hours weekly depending on what is happening that week. We always show flexibility both ways.

The position is split into two parts. Let us know if you are interested in either the Fundraiser or Accountant part, as we will consider to split this role into two. However, we hope to find a team member to fill both parts.

Part a) Fundraiser

We are looking for a fundraiser who can secure 4000 euros per year for our organization. These funds will go 100% to our local projects in Laos.

The position will include:

  • Research fundraising opportunities and write grant applications to charitable trusts or statutory bodies

  • Build relationships with major donors or companies and make presentations

  • Manage information and record the profile and fundraising activity of donors on a database

  • Account handling: ensuring major donors or companies are happy with their donation scheme and are kept informed of progress and milestones

  • Devise and organise fundraising campaigns, events and door to door collection

  • Spot fundraising opportunities and raise awareness of the organisation’s work


  • Fundraisers need excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.

  • You need to be good at researching and devising strategies and taking advantage of donation possibilities.

  • The fundraiser must be adept at building long-term relationships with potential donors and persuasively explaining our cause.

  • The ability to manage budgets and hit fundraising targets are important, as are organisational and IT skills.

Last but not least you need to believe in our vision in Laos, and care deeply about the people and nature we work towards helping. Volunteering with us is an adventure, and we need team members who are ready for the task, can work independently but also is a great communicator and an honest team member.

Part b) Accountant

Aay’s Village is a non profit organization registered in Norway. Therefore, our accountant need to understand Norwegian laws and regulations when dealing with our accounts. However these are posted in English as well and we do not look for a specific nationality when hiring to the role.

As you will be in charge of the accounting, we do require you to have some form of practical experience or a started/ finished degree within accounting.

The position will include:

  • Posting and processing journal entries to ensure all business transactions are recorded

  • Updating accounts receivable and payable

  • Issue invoices

  • Assist in the processing of balance sheets, income statements and other financial statements according to legal and company accounting and financial guidelines

  • Assist with reviewing of expenses, payroll records etc. as assigned

  • Pay local salary monthly

  • Update financial data in databases to ensure that information will be accurate and immediately available when needed

  • Prepare and submit weekly/monthly reports

  • Submit yearly reports to our Board

  • Make sure that our organization is transparent, honest and follows all necessary rules and guidelines


  • Proven experience as an accountant or started degree within accounting

  • Excellent organizing abilities

  • Great attention to detail

  • Good with numbers and figures and an analytical acumen

  • Good understanding of accounting and financial reporting principles and practices


If you think you are our new team member, send us an application and CV via, or contact us in any social media for more information.

Application deadline: 15th of August 2018

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