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Why are we called Aays Village?

Why are we called Aay’s Village?


In 2015 when we started planning our organization, we contacted Google Maps ask them to add us to the map. We were surprised to find that a big area of Laos just didn’t exist on the map; the whole district that our village is located in was just a blank white area on the map. 👩‍🏫

Aay and Åshild, two of our founders.

Then a funny thing happened. Google told us that if they sent us a letter to the village, and if we could prove that we had received it, then they would put us on the map. We did receive the letter, and Google asked us what the village was called. Phonsavath was the local name of the village, but we found 5 other villages in Laos with the same name, and we knew this would confuse our volunteers trying to locate us.

We decided that our organization needed a name that would also work as a name of a place. So, we decided on Aay’s Village, because Aay is our founder and his name means “big brother”. Suddenly a small village appeared in the blank area of the map of Laos, and Aay’s Village was started 😊

PS: You can now find us on Google maps 😎

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