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A Christmas present from us!

Aay's Village has teamed up with Berg Watches for a giveaway! 🎉 One of you will win a quality watch from the innovative Norwegian brand.

Visit the following link to participate: GIVEAWAY

This is a giveaway to support Aay's Village, which is a non-profit organization supported by Kavlifondet. By joining this giveaway, you help us in Aay's Village continue to promote our mission in Laos without spending any money on marketing. This is because we want 100 % of our funding to go directly to the children in Laos. Pretty great, huh?


Berg Watches is produced with sustainable straps made from salmon leather, clockwork from Swiss Ronda and sapphire glass. The watch even comes with a 5-year warranty, is waterproof (5 ATM) and can be customized by the winner. Visit Berg at

How to enter the giveaway: If you would like to have a chance to win a personalized Berg Watch, it is up to you what actions you would like to complete. You will get a number of tickets per action you complete, and certain entries will give you more tickets for the giveaway than others, and increase your chances of success. We will randomly select the winner 16th of December! 🎉

If you want to give a Christmas present back to us, our VIPPS number is: 70970

... Or you can donate through here: Donate to Aay's Village

Good luck and thank you for the contribution! 🤗

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