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1 year in rural Laos! Our journey so far

Today we are celebrating 1 year in rural Laos educating children! <3

We received incredible feedback from so many people after our article in Bergens Tidende yesterday. The article was a profile interview with Åshild and she talked about our first year of educating children in Laos!

Link to article here:…/i/AeA…/-A-hjelpe-andre_-gir-livet-mening

Today Kavlifondet has released an article on our cooperation with them. As you might now, Kavlifondet chose to support our mission in Laos in December 2016, and now in 2017 too. We cannot thank them enough for the trust and resources! Check out their article on Aay's Village and our journey so far <3

And that's not all. Together with BERG watches, we are launching an auction later today in social media. Stay tuned!

And we have also made a video from our year so far in Laos <3

It's been a year since we started educating children in rural Laos through our non profit organization Aay's Village. During this year, we have been on an incredible journey of love and support. We have met challenges, but we have worked through them. Here we are, 1 year later, and that calls for a celebration! We wanted to share a video of our fondest memories from our organization and our first year in Laos.

We want to thank our volunteers who had the guts to travel from all corners of the world to our small jungle village to contribute as teachers, admins and environmentalists. We want to thank our supporters, friends and family. We want to thank Kavlifondet who has been our most important contributor and who gave us the possibility to provide quality education to our children. We want to thank the community in Laos for accepting us and our mission for them, and we want to thank the children who are so eager to learn and deserves the world and more. We cannot wait to start year two of our mission in Laos, and we hope you will follow our journey.

We are excited for the future of Aay's Village - and our mission in Laos to provide children with the tools they need to create the future they deserve.


Hugs from Mari, Eirik, Jens, Mathilde, Malin, Aay & Åshild

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