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We are so excited for the new year, and especially the huge improvements Kavlifondet made possible for us this year by providing Aay’s Village with a substantial donation. The donation will make it possible for us to set up a Learning Lab in our project house consisting of 25 learning tablets and equipment.

Mountains in Aay's Village

The Learning Lab is a possibility for children to learn how to read and write without the guidance from qualified teachers. It offers a hundred of different apps made by pedagogical experts, including test applications to track the children’s performance and development.

Mari and Åshild are traveling to Laos in a week to set up the new Learning Lab! The new equipment will provide better possibilities for the children in our organization. We are so excited! We will of course bring you with us for the trip, and we will try to vlog a bit about this adventure as well. Follow us on social media like Youtube, Instagram and Facebook to get more frequent updates /aaysvillage. We hope that you will continue to share us on, and maybe plan your trip to Aay’s Village soon! We have a lot of volunteer applications coming in, and it is amazing to hear that people want to join our journey and help us realize the vision of Aay’s Village: To give rural village children more possibilities by providing them with the tools they need to create the future they deserve!

Check out the video me and Mari made during our last trip in Thailand below!

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