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During a trip to a local dam

It still feels surreal to actually be able to write something, anything, for Aay’s Village, but it has finally become a reality to all of us in the team. And with every word we formulate, the significance of it all starts to sink in. Our webpage is close to perfection, we have a fancy video welcoming us all at the front page of Aay’s Village, our first brochures are ordered, and we have started to get requests from future volunteers. I don’t think we could be more excited about the project’s launch, which will be in just a few (sixteen) days. But whose counting…

As one of two Volunteer and Education Managers, I have a lot to prepare before we can launch our project. It is simoultanously scary and exciting to embark on the huge workload that lies ahead of us. But I couldn’t have been in a better situation, because I am constantly reminded of what the project already has become and eventually will be. After our board meeting over skype yesterday evening, I can’t help but feeling grateful for the team that we already have become. Especially because we all are motivated by everything we work towards, and by every person involved in the project.

Obviously, I hope you will be as excited about Aay’s Village as we are at this point. I encourage you to simply take a deep breath. Erase all doubts, thoughts of ’what if’, hesitation. Breathe out. Smile. Listen to that voice in your head that got you to this place on the world wide web in the first place. I think you are ready to join us. Yeah!



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