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Aay Sinthala

Hi! I cannot believe how far we have come in the planning of Aay’s Village. Even though people around us are asking every day to see the website and such, we have promised ourselves to wait until everything is perfect. Things take time when you are dealing with a big bunch of perfectionists, but the cause and our mission deserve to be presented in a good way.

We want everything to have the right look and feel, and we want all our plans to be well thought through. In addition, we have to plan how we position ourselves when it comes to different aspects of volunteer work and aid to children: - How can we get in touch with the people who truly want to help? - Have we remembered to write down everything that we stand for, but that we take for granted that people know we support? Like gender equality? - How can we protect the children from tourists who just want that perfect selfie for their Facebook page? - How can we take care of our volunteers in the absolute best way when it comes to providing information, but not too much so its gets booring? So, as you can see, there is more to planning an organization than what meets the eye, and we have certainly learned a lot these past couple of months!

Åshild & Eirik in Laos during their last visit.

However, things are really starting to shape up! We are super excited about our plans, our new brochure, our website and our visual profile! Aay is working hard on the project house, we are planning new trips to Laos and everything is just a big energetic pile of awesomeness ready to be launch very soon!

When you read this, our project is launched, and hopefully everything we have worked on so far is giving you a positive vibe, and maybe even you start to play with the idea of joining us? We sure hope so - you are more than welcome to join as a volunteer in Aay's Village!

Hugs from Åshild

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