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Hi and hello there!

Our logo for Aay's Village.

Woah, this is exiting. First of all; I'm Åshild, the co-founder of Aay's Village. I'm currently in Laos with Eirik and Aay setting up the project. Hopefully, we will be ready for launch in July. Eirik and I came to Laos a few weeks ago, and so much progress has been made! We have actually decided to go for the dream that has been building up since this time last year; we are starting a non-profit project in the jungle of Laos to teach kids in Aay's Village important subjects to enhance their life quality.

We have also found a project house! We have rented it for one year, and hopefully we can rent it for many more. We hired some local painters and started renovating the house immediately, and it looks pretty good now! We let the owner of the house decide the colours, so I'm not super stoked about those, but the rest is just splendid! You cannot have everything, right?

Our project house before painting

Project house after painting

Anyhow, we are still missing all the interiour like beds, sofas, desks, computers, fans etc. A lot to buy, so we hope that we can launch a fundraiser soon and get some money into the project. If we manage to buy the most necessary things, Aay can start the first classes in just a couple of weeks, how cool is that!

Eirik and I are working on the website, social media, marketing material and videos to promote our cause. We are pretty new to this, but things are so far so good!

Thanks for checking in and thanks for you interest! We believe that one cannot do everything, but we can all do something - so feel free to help us any way you want! A share, a like, a tip/comment, a donation or maybe even a volunteer or tourist visit to the village would mean so much for the kids in the village!

Let's do some good here, shall we?

Love from Åshild

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